I have suffered for the past 7 years with osteoarthritis in my knee as a consequence of a fall on a concrete sidewalk while jogging. My knee became frozen and swollen. The sports medicine doctor gave me painful injections in the joint which didn’t work. The only alternative, I was told, was a total knee replacement. This hurt my massage business so I decided to take PUSH muscle therapy. Michael worked less than 5 minutes and totally freed my knee from its “frozen and immobile”” state. Words cannot express my gratitude for this type of therapy. It really works. Thank you, Michael, for giving me a new lease on life.

A. Taubman (San JoseCA)


I have been a Dentist the last 26 years. About 10 years ago I sought out treatment from Michael Takatsuno because I heard he could help me with the problems I had. Dentistry is a very demanding profession and because of it developed neck, shoulder, and back pain to the point I was not sure I could go on practicing. With Michael’s treatment I am still practicing and hope to go on doing Dentistry for many more years. Thanks Michael.

R. G. K., DDS (CA)


I worked as a dental hygienist for about a year or less when I had constant headaches, neck aches and backaches. First visit, my headaches were immediately relieved. I went back once every two weeks and eventually only went in for maintenance. I have learned to have good PUSH posture to the point where at work I am relaxed, especially in my lower back. Now I’m working on my shoulder and learning to work with better ergonomics.

N. K. (CA)


I can say that two weeks have passed and I have more hope and belief in the PUSH Therapy theory than I did when I left the session. My chronic neck pain has decreased 60% and I have full faith that it will be totally gone from my life very soon. That’s an awesome, awesome thing!!!!

J. Piper (GermantownWI)


After years of being told that my back pain was something I would have to learn to “manage,” four PUSH treatments freed me from pain for the first time in 15 years!

T. Y., Attorney (CA)


Michael, you have restored my body to normalcy, I am eternally grateful for your unique talents and amazing insight about the body.

M. D. (CA)


I suffered from frozen shoulder for almost one year. I saw doctors and tried physical therapy rehabilitation and still suffered from shoulder pain, a pinched nerve running down my arm, and very limited use of the arm. After receiving two PUSH treatments, the pain was gone and my shoulder returned to normal. Best of all, the symptoms have never returned. Unbelievable!

T. Nishihara (CA)


Re-educating the muscle makes sense to me. I like the fact that I am being taught self help techniques. I feel confident that PUSH Therapy will alleviate my pain.

O. Outzs (CA)


Simply put, Michael Takatsuno is a genius. Not only did he free me from excruciating back pain in a couple of weeks (after going to chiropractors and physical therapists for the previous three months with no lasting results) his focus on preventative care through simple core training assures that I won’t recreate the problem in the future. As a psychotherapist I need to sit for many hours a day, and be fully present. Now I can, pain-free. And his exercises can be done easily in my small office when needed. I can’t praise his PUSH system highly enough. Added to all this, he is a lovely, generous, funny guy.

W. Justus (Menlo ParkCA)