Tension Release Training 

Tension Release TrainingSM(TRT) is the critical beginning stage of the PUSH Training Program. Do you suffer from chronically tight muscles, stiff joints and limited mobility? Are you tired of constantly stretching, only to wake up just as tight the next morning? This class will teach you to release tension while you retrain your muscles.  It will also re-train tight, rigid muscles, transforming them into supple, mobile muscles.  This will lead to increased range of motion in the joints and a feeling of freedom in all movements.

If you try to build strength in already tight muscles, you will end up increasing the tension in the muscles and joints.  You must learn to release the old patterns of tension before learning to strengthen the muscles.  TRT will change your body and give you a sense of freedom that you haven’t experienced since childhood.  This unique class will teach you to release tension, increase mobility and build endurance in muscles, tendons and joints.


What is the difference between Tension Release Training and stretching?  

Tension Release TrainingSM is performed while actively using your muscles.  Muscles will be pushed to fatigue while staying relaxed the entire time.  If you do not train muscles to relax while in use, the muscles will return to tightening as soon as you begin to use them.  Stretching feels good while you do it, but it does not change muscle tone and it does not prevent muscles from tightening once you begin to use them again.


Are these Yoga exercises?

No.  While practicing Tension Release TrainingSM, the body is trained to connect all joints from the core in a neutral alignment.  This results in an absence of joint tension or strain during the exercise.  Once aligned properly, the muscles are brought to the point of fatigue while keeping the muscles and joints in a relaxed state.  By training this way, the muscles become connected to all core movements while maintaining a strong, yet supple tone.  Also, all exercises are applied to everyday functional movements(movements or postures you use in everyday life) or in the case of athletes, athletic movements.