Tension Release Therapy


The principles behind loosening tissue in PUSH therapySM are based on restoring blood flow and oxygen to tissue.  Because of stress, overuse, repetitive use, and muscle fatigue, muscles will develop a pattern of chronic tension. If a fatigued muscle is required to continue to work, the muscle begins to tighten. Once this happens the contraction of the muscle constricts the blood vessels. This reduction of blood flow reduces the oxygen to the tissue. Once a tissue is oxygen deprived, it will shut down and tighten more. This creates a negative pattern of tension, oxygen deprivation, and more tension that ultimately results in rigid muscle tone.

One of the most effective ways to loosen a contracted muscle is through the PUSHSM method of manual stimulation called Tension Release TherapySM.  We engage tight tissue by gently, but firmly pressing on it while simultaneously moving the tissue in a way that causes the muscle to contract and then release.  When the tissue releases, blood flow increases to the area.  The manual stimulation breaks the pattern of contraction and allows more blood to flow back to the tissue, which increases the oxygen levels.  Once oxygen supplies are restored to tissue, the chronic tension is released and the muscle begins to return to a normal functional state.


One Layer at Time

Tension Release Therapy uses manual pressure that is applied to the most superficial layer of tissue where dysfunction appears(pain, tension or rigidity). Once the tight tissue is stimulated, blood flow to the area increases and the tight tissue will become more supple. This allows the therapist to access the next layer of tissue without applying excessive pressure.  This pattern is repeated until all layers of dysfunctional tissue are restored and the tight, rigid tissue is replaced with supple and mobile tissue.  Supple and mobile tissue will be free of pain and have a greater range of motion.

By applying the treatment in this manner, the tissue responds quickly and the changes to the tissue are longer lasting compared to results from traditional massage therapy techniques.