General Symptoms Found in PUSH Clients 

The type of symptoms that are treated most successfully by PUSHSM are pain, tension or weakness in areas caused by repetitive stress or overuse.  Two of the most common reasons that repetitive stress injuries(RSI) appear in the body are muscle fatigue and muscle weakness.  


Muscle Fatigue

The human body is ideally designed to hunt and gather.  From the flexible spine to the strong hips and thighs, we are well designed for walking, running, throwing objects and squatting to the ground.  We are not however, well designed to sit in chairs or stand still for long hours.  Muscles that we use to sit and stand will easily fatigue when required to do these actions for long periods of time.  Once a muscle or group of muscles fatigue, they need rest to fully recover.  If tired muscles do not rest and continue to work they will begin to contract and tighten.  

For someone who sits at a computer all day, this process happens on an almost daily basis.  When this tension pattern becomes repetitive, the muscle tone begins to change.  Mobile, supple tissue turns tight and then rigid.  Rigid tissue constricts blood flow resulting in decreased oxygen intake and increased fatigue to the area.  Regular discomfort, constant tension and pain usually follow.  This is the chronology of RSI.


Muscle Weakness

Another prominent factor in the development of RSI is muscle weakness. A muscle fatigues when it does not have the strength or endurance to perform a task.  There is a certain logic that comes into play here.  If there is insufficient muscle to support the body’s actions, the muscles will fatigue.  Also, muscle tone is critical.  If the muscles are strong, but tight, the muscles will work against you and the strong tight muscles may develop an even more powerful tension pattern.

When we say strong muscles in PUSH, we are not referring to large, hard muscles that bodybuilders develop.  Muscles needed to perform regular, daily tasks are what we call “functional muscles”.  It is more important in daily life to have functional muscles than it is to have big, hard muscles.  Functional muscles require more endurance than pure strength.  Think of the marathon runner versus the bodybuilder.  In daily life, you want to be the marathon runner.  Daily functions require stamina more than power.

The focus of developing the body in the PUSH Training ProgramSM is to increase the endurance in the muscles needed to function throughout the day.  This requires the muscles to be strong and supple.  This is what makes our training unique.


Repetitive Stress Injury Symptoms

The symptoms resulting from overuse can present itself in the following ways: