Seated Endurance Training


Seated Endurance Training™ was initially developed to help software engineers that sit for extended hours at a computer.  These engineers would typically have pain or chronic tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and forearms.  

This training can teach you to eliminate chronic upper body pain and tension.  Back and neck muscles that don’t have the strength and stamina to sit for long hours at the computer or perform daily tasks such as cooking, driving or gardening will become fatigued.  Continued use of fatigued muscles will result in muscle and joint tension.  As the tension patterns are repeated, they become more engrained and permanent.  This is what we call rigid muscle tone.

The repeated pattern of tension building is why treatments for these types of symptoms do not typically result in long-term relief.  Once you go back to doing the activities and using your body the same way that caused the tension to build, the tension will inevitably return.

Seated Endurance Training involves a series of upper body exercises that simultaneously strengthens and releases tension in the mid to upper back, shoulders arms and neck.  The training requires you to do two things to achieve these results. First, you connect your upper body movements to your core.  This is accomplished through a unique method of engaging the core and connecting the shoulder together while performing the exercises.  Second, you relax your spine along with your upper body joints while doing the exercises.  

As you build up strength and release muscle and joint tension in the upper body, you will experience a feeling of freedom from pain and stiffness.  You will also notice your upper body endurance will increase.  Once trained, you will be able to sit at computers for longer periods of time, drive longer distances, cook meals or work in the garden without your upper body fatiguing or hurting.  Becoming free of upper body tension can be a life changing experience!