Seated Endurance Training


This class is designed for people that spend much of their time sitting.  Especially if that time is spent in front of a computer.  There is no other class like this in the world. It is designed to increase the stamina and build up the muscles required to sit at a computer.  Many exercises build strong hip, back, shoulder and arm muscles, but that does not necessarily translate into better function or more durability while sitting.  In fact, most of the time, they create tension and make long hours of sitting more uncomfortable.  

To be able to sit for long hours at a computer without creating tight muscles, the precise muscles required to do this action must be developed.  And the emphasis is not just on building strong muscles.  The correct muscles must be strong and supple in order to have the endurance required to sit without fatiguing and tightening. Seated Endurance TrainingSM(SET) will train your body to do this and that is what makes this training so unique.