Push Self Treatment Techniques

PUSH Self-treatmentSM techniques are taught to clients to help reinforce the treatment results as well as to help empower clients to treat their own symptoms.  The goal is to duplicate the results that you receive from the therapist so that the tension patterns can continue to change after office visits.

Self-treatment techniques can be extremely effective if taught correctly.  PUSH self-treatment techniques are unique because they emulate the unique techniques that the PUSH therapists use. We do not promote self-treatment as a long-term solution for chronic tension or pain.  If you find it necessary to be doing self-treatment on a regular basis, you are not getting to the cause of the condition, you are treating the symptom.


Self-treatment for Athletes

Tension build-up from repetitive training is a common complaint of many athletes.  Because of the constant demands that athletes require of their bodies, it is important for athletes to learn to take care of their own bodies and not rely exclusively on treatments from therapists.  Self-treatment is a way of taking care of areas of chronic tension that can inhibit performance and lead to injury.  


Self-treatment for Chronic Pain

Getting chronic pain patterns to change can be a long-term process.  Chronic pain sufferers often have a sense of helplessness when it comes to dealing with their pain. Effective self-treatment techniques can relieve pain and reinforce the changes to the body from treatments and training.  This typically speeds up the process of healing.


Self-treatment for Acute Pain

The focus of self-treatment for acute pain is to get immediate relief from pain and to reinforce the changes to the body from treatments and training.  Relieving acute pain is the highest priority because acute pain inhibits the body’s ability to begin training for long-term relief.  Self-treatment and PUSHSM treatments from a therapist are recommended in the early stages to get the fastest relief from pain.  Once the pain is reduced, training is emphasized to get more permanent change and long-term relief.