PUSH Mobility Training


pt-misc-mobilitytraining-1Patterns of Pain and Tension

PUSH Mobility TrainingSM is a life-changing tool that helps eliminate the source of tension and pain patterns in your body. Treatments can help with temporarily relieving chronic pain and tension, but treatments are often less effective in preventing issues from returning.

Negative tension patterns can arise from repetitive use, poor posture habits developed over a lifetime, weak muscles that do not have the stamina to perform daily functions or a previous injury that is still adversely affecting your body.

To correct negative, repetitive patterns we train you to use your muscles in a way that supports your entire structure by “connecting” your core muscles to your upper and lower body.  This connection creates stronger, more fluid and more mobile body movement.  It also stabilizes the body while in static positions (standing or sitting) in a way that eliminates excessive tension build up.  Once you learn how to connect your core, we teach you how to apply the training to the activities of your life.


Daily Habits

Most people have negative body habits that create some dysfunction over their lifetime.  The three basic functions that we begin with are standing, walking and sitting.  These three functions are the most common repetitive patterns that we perform daily and are the most obvious place to begin evaluating negative repetitive patterns.  These actions are repeated over countless hours every day of our lives.  

Throughout a typical day, most people (unless your job requires you to do so) do not stand in one location for very long.  The kitchen, the bathroom or maybe a grocery store line may be the most common places where we stand in one location.  If you notice discomfort in your feet, knees, hips, back or shoulders while standing, it is likely that your body alignment is not supporting a proper standing posture and/or you do not have the proper muscle development to support standing still.  If you learn to do these actions correctly, inefficient,  dysfunctional habits will soon be replaced with strong, mobile patterns.


A Lifetime of Mobility

There is a common perception that it is natural for people to lose mobility simply because they are getting older.  Most people lose mobility because they develop dysfunctional patterns very early in life and reinforce these patterns as they grow older.  The more years you practice negative patterns, the more ingrained they become.  Conversely, with the right training, you can train your body to become strong, mobile and supple and these patterns replace negative habits as you move towards becoming a supple and mobile human being.  


Training versus Treatment

Attempting to change tension patterns developed over a lifetime by receiving endless, ongoing treatments can lead to long-term frustration.  Changing the patterns that created the symptoms is a logical and guaranteed way to break the cycle of tension or pain and create long-term change.  

Practicing PUSH Mobility Training is a way to create a lifetime of mobility, not just a way to eliminate some pain or tension in your life. Anyone with a functional body can learn to be mobile and in our view, everyone should be mobile throughout their lives.