PUSH Mobility Training


This class will take the Tension Release TrainingSM and PUSH Strength TrainingSM classes and incorporate what you practice in class into everyday actions.  If you train really hard to get strong in the gym, but don’t know how to use that strength to help you in daily life, the training is not very useful.  This specialized training will teach you how to use your newfound strength and increased mobility in everyday actions. Sitting, standing, walking, hiking, running, lifting, squatting and bending will all become easier and be performed with less effort and strain.  Once you’ve learned to release tension, you have to stop the negative habits that created the tension in the first place or the tension will inevitably return.  

Changing your negative tension patterns into mobile patterns is accomplished through PUSH Mobility TrainingSM(PMT).  PMT teaches you how to use your body properly doing any activity and helps you make the changes permanent.